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Service & Care

The NYC Diamond District recommends cleaning and maintenance of your jewelry articles at regular intervals. Just as getting a regular checkup at your family physician and seeing your dentist every six months can catch health issues before they can get serious, taking care of your jewelry can help prevent issues before they happen.

Life is filled with bumps and snags. It is just a part of everyday living. Our jewelry takes a beating, often without us even realizing it. Performing routine cleaning and maintenance on your valuable jewelry can help identify problems such as loose stones, fittings that are in need of repair, and diamonds that need a little tender loving care to continue to look their best.

Tips for Maintaining your Jewelry

Diamonds can lose their luster over a period of time due to many situations that you and I never give a second thought. It is recommended that you clean your jewelry every few weeks to keep them looking like new.

®    Putting hands in dirty dishwater

®    Lotions and perfumes

®    Cooking grease from the stove

®    Oils from your pet’s coat

®    Smog and traffic fumes

®    Cigarette smoke

All of these are contributing factors to a dull and lifeless diamond over a period of time. If you want to keep your diamond looking healthy and new, try this cleaning method regularly.

®    First, soak your article of jewelry in warm water with a mild soap (Dish soap will do just fine)

®    Wash your jewelry in the warm sudsy solution

®    Dry with a soft, link free cloth

®    For thicker residue on jewelry, dampen a small piece of cloth with household ammonia or ethyl alcohol and then gently wipe your jewelry clean

Never (Ever) soak your jewelry in any type of chlorine solution or bleach. These products are very hard on the alloy and some precious metals. It can change the color and even causes pitting, which can in turn, loosen your diamonds and gems from their settings.

Jewelry Care and Storage

Never keep your jewelry all together in a drawer or box where the diamonds and precious metals can come into contact with each other. This is the number one cause of scratches on otherwise beautiful articles of jewelry. The very best method for storing your precious stones are to wrap each individually in a soft cloth or jewelry pouch and then store in separate compartments in a jewelry chest. At the very least, store all your jewelry items in separate compartments.

 If you remember that your jewelry will appreciate in value every year, making it an investment, you will remember to treat it as such. The NYC Diamond District can repair and clean your jewelry for you. Simply bring it in or visit our “Contact Us” page to make shipping arrangements. We are your number one source for all things diamond and jewelry.